Chunk Nibbles was formed with the intention of being a TASTE GOOD / FEEL GOOD product. Tasting good because of the TLC and high-quality ingredients we use in every batch. Feeling good because with every purchase, you are not only supporting a small business, but helping fund an incredible organization rescuing dogs from animal shelters and training them for Military Combat Veterans suffering from PTSD or TBI as service, emotional, or therapy dogs. 

With both my Grandfather's being in the Military, it is very important for us to take care of those who have fought for our freedom. At Chunk Nibbles, we appreciate and are forever grateful for those who have put their country's needs before their own. Listening to some of the stories at the graduation ceremony really moved me. These dog's are a lifeline and allow these brave Heroes to resume a normal way of life that many of us take advantage of daily.

Our customer base is fully responsible for this amazing donation. Without people supporting my Grandma's recipe; this would not be possible. So next time you see us on the shelf; remember that you are doing more than just satisfying that Sweet & Salty craving and embrace the FEEL GOOD! 

- Brad Cocklin 

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